Dutch's Favorite Weapon


Dutch’s Grandfather’s Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun was given to him when he was but 16. Popi, as he called him then, knew Dutch was destined for greatness. There is no better weapon for defense in short range situations, and if you’re in the mood to remove some limbs these two barrels have you covered

Dutch Matrix Championship

Early Life

Dutch grew up in a small town in Minnesota called Coon Rapids. There he was the star of his high school football team and went on to take them to four State Championships. The CIA, FBI, NCAA, and countless other organizations wanted Dutch Matrix to work for them. Dutch graduated with highest honors and skipped playing college ball, instead opting to enlist in the US Navy. There he entered the SEAL team and served his country for five years. After that he walked on to the practice field in LA and destroyed their QB in a competition cementing his place as the starter for the LA Rams, and one of                           America’s True Heroes

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